Men vs Silicons

It has long been known that silicone might have some adverse properties and there has been a lot of awareness around these ingredients in female cosmetics.  Many brands have chosen to get rid of them. But check out here why this is a mens issue as well, and why you should be aware of the contents of your grooming products.

What are we talking about?

Parabens are chemicals derived from petroleum, that have been used in food and cosmetics since the 1950s to prevent bacteria and act as a preservative.


The positive effects of silicone in hair care are plenty, starting with the fact that silicone can actually make hair that is dry and damaged look and feel healthy and strong. It also gives hair a slippery-when-wet feel because of its hydrophobic coating.


Recent studies have shown microscopic pictures of scalps from people using shampoos with silicone showing silicon build-up around the follicles, this means that the silicone is physically blocking off the new hair growth, which can dramatically impact the natural regrowth cycle of your scalp. 

Even Scarier Cons

If hair-loss wasn’t enough itself to make you change your hair-care habits, we have some scarier news. A class of silicones known as cyclosiloxanes is drawing attention from the research community, who has begun investigating concerns about whether they can cause cancer or disrupt the endocrine system. The research has been made on animals and in vitro. Thus it is not entirely clear what the risks to humans are. It will take a while for the scientific community to have conclusive information about the health effects.

But why take the chance?

NordicMan has chosen to go Silicons-free in all his products, and avoid any kind of ingredient that could be considered harmful to the person using it, or to the environment.

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